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Tresca - Creating Your Personal Spaces

Tresca is an acrylic solid surface with consistent color and design making it ideal for kitchen and bath applications. This unqiue surface provides the top 3 attributes Consumers today want from their countertop:

  1. Appearance/style
  2. Durability/long lasting
  3. Low maintenance/ease of care

With the ability to create a seamless appearance, Tresca can be cut and formed into distinctive shapes and curves in addition to intricate edge details. Unlike stone countertops, this non-porous surface never needs to be sealed and does not support the growth of bacteria making it the best choice in areas where food preparation could take place. Because of its acrylic composition, Tresca is very durable and any surface marks can be easily removed. The benefit of this durable, low-maintenance surface is a countertop that stays looking new longer.

Finally, Tresca solid surface is backed by a limited 10-year warranty making this an investment you can truly feel confident in.

Countertop Images

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Attributes & Benefits

Solid and Durable
  • Color throughout the material - will not delaminate
  • Surface marks/damage can be repaired
  • Stays looking new longer
Seamless Appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth, distinctive designs
  • Integral sink and countertop combinations
Non-porous Surface
  • Resists moisture and household stains
  • Easy to clean - does not require sealing
  • Safe for food preparation areas
Limited 10-year Warranty
  • Product craftsmanship and integrity
  • Authorized Service Network
  • Peace of mind
Design Flexibility
  • Most popular colors mean ease of choice
  • Exceptional color scheme coordination
  • Project expectations
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