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TrustPoint Mark of Quality

Since its beginning, the American Vintage Group has stood for product integrity. The building products that AVG provides its customers have been shown to be of the highest levels of quality due to the materials used and the superior product engineering applied.

To reinforce its position in the industry as a supplier of true "best-in-class" products, AVG receives the TrustPoint Mark of Quality certification on all its products. The TrustPoint Mark of Quality is placed on all products supplied by AVG to identify them as ones that meet or exceed the TrustPoint standards of Design, Testing and Performance.

We strongly believe that the presence of the TrustPoint Mark of Quality on a product will provide customers with assurance and confidence that the product has met the rigid quality control processes mandated by the American Vintage Group. In addition, the TrustPoint Mark of Quality will give products added value and will differentiate them from similar products in the market place.

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