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AVG Source Pro

The American Vintage Group utilizes the most direct route to quality and consistency of material through the American Vintage Source Pro distribution process. The following is a brief summary of the three components defining this highly effective method of bringing quality building products to today's homes.

1. Product Design & Development
Strong relationships with major overseas manufacturers allow the American Vintage Group to clearly stipulate product requirements with reinforcement of critical tolerances through all written agreements. This is Quality Control Stage 1 in the overall American Vintage Source Pro distribution process that ensures "best-in-class" product quality and consistency.

2. Supply Chain Management
In today's highly competitive environment, it's critical to implement strategies that work together to effectively collapse the product supply chain while maintaining overall product quality. By controlling the elements of the supply chain that are critical to quality and cost, the American Vintage Source Pro distribution process is designed to produce and maintain a high degree of material superiority and supply stability.

3. Inventory Assurance
American Vintage Group understands the critical nature of maintaining product inventory "readiness" for each of the products it manages. Through systematic negotiations with product manufacturers, the American Vintage Group receives clear and substantiated commitments to maintaining product inventories to support its downstream partners.

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